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The translation of a website is now a must. The idea of having only one language available on your website is very limiting. This is particularly true when the objective is the sale of products, although not exclusively. It is obviously fundamental to obtain an exceptionally good translation. Encountering gross translation errors, the result of free of charge machine translations on the Internet, is one of the most superficial (and unfortunately frequent) ways of immediately losing effectiveness, or worse, credibility.

To be effective, credible and reach as many people as possible, a successful website must therefore be translated in a professional manner.

Traduxia offers tailor-made translations of websites and web contents thanks to its pool of professional mother-tongue translators specialised in different fields. It also has extensive experience in the management of multilingual websites and e-commerce platforms.

This service is in fact less obvious than it seems. For example, when it comes to website translation, we can take care of the redaction of documents containing all the website texts, but also of the more “delicate” translation of links, SEO texts and keywords, automatic messages, error messages and much more.


There are also much less obvious aspects to consider, such as the consistency of the style, the length of the texts, the specific language that suits the client and his target audience. Traduxia brings its expertise in this area by also providing related services, such as transcreation.


If this is not the service you were looking for, discover all the other services provided by Traduxia or contact us for more information!