Traduxia is a language agency that provides translations and revisions of texts, language courses, consulting and interpreting services, and much more.

Traduxia is a meeting point for sectoral experts with many years of experience in the world of translation and proofreading, foreign languages teaching and much more.
Each translator has followed a career path inspiring to specialise in specific subjects and to refine strategies in order to get the best out of them.

Traduxia believes in new technologies that increase productivity and help to create a directory of the terminology and style that distinguishes the DNA of each customer. Translation software, tools and memories, for example, ensure speed of execution and lexical consistency and are skilfully used by the translator to achieve the optimum result.

The outcome? A pool of professionals with a common vision: to leverage its strengths in order to maximise their potential and place them at the service of discerning customers, aware of the value of effective communication.

Full availability and care

Traduxia cultivates relationships with its customers in order to understand their needs and provide a tailored service. We ensure a personalised treatment, adapting to the client's requirements, timetables and eventual urgent orders. All this while trying to keep our margins to a minimum, despite the strong competition by international agencies.

Quality assurance

For each order, we select the most suitable person, obviously a mother-tongue translator who is specialised in the field of the text, in order to concentrate on the essential and to grasp all the possible nuances. Traduxia adopts the double-check principle, using a qualified reviewer to guarantee a finished product that requires no further corrections.

Speed and punctuality

A punctual delivery is a basic requirement of every translation agency. We make this a mantra, especially since we aim to ensure the fastest possible delivery times.
For example, each translation request is immediately forwarded to a specialised mother-tongue translator and once translated, the text is immediately revised and submitted to the customer.