We offer translation and interpreting services, revision and proof-reading of texts, language courses, consultancy services and training.

Here are the main services offered by Traduxia.
A defined and conscious decision to offer you only the best.

Services d'interprétation

Interpreting services

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services with professionals interpreters.

Language courses

Language courses for privates or companies, individual or in groups.

Technical field

Expert translators for industrial equipment and individual components and systems production sectors.

Medical and scientific field

Qualified translators supported by medical, scientific and pharmaceutical experts.

Cosmetics field

Specific skills and years of experience in the cosmetic sector with national and international customers.

Legal and financial field

A team of professionals for the banking, insurance, financial and legal sectors.


From advertising campaigns to marketing, translation becomes creative

Website translation

Ad hoc translation of websites and other web contents.
Authentifizierte Übersetzungen

Authenticated translations

Authenticated and apostilled translations, for national and international applications.

Quick Translations

A fast and efficient approach towards the most urgent deliveries.
Cours intensifs et business

Intensive and business courses

Specific courses for employees, conversation sessions and much more.