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Our services include authenticated and apostilled translations, both for national and international contexts.

In Switzerland, authenticated translations are often known and also referred to as certified translations.


In order to be used for legal purposes, a translation in Switzerland must meet two essential requirements:

  1. Official translators with the required experience and training to deal with legal material;
  2. Professionals with the necessary qualifications to make translated documents legally valid.


More specifically:

1. To produce authenticated translations, Traduxia employs a team of specialised translators. This consists exclusively of professional translators with at least 15 years’ experience and a high level of knowledge of the Swiss regulatory context and financial markets. Such professionalism is at your service for translations in the legal and financial fields, but also for all documents that need to be presented to a public authority or administrative office, such as diplomas, certificates, authorisations.

2. The translation must then be authenticated. This is done directly by us through our Notaries. Traduxia takes care of sending the translated document, signed by the translator, to a notary, so that he or she can authenticate it and confirm that the translation has been carried out to the best of his or her knowledge.


Finally, the certified, signed and stamped translation is sent to the client by post, along with the original document.

Usually, the entire process, from the sending of the original document to the authentication of the translation, is carried out within 5 to 10 days.

The authentication of legal documents by Traduxia therefore not only allows you to save time, but also to avoid all kinds of worries.


Authenticated translations with certification

For authenticated translations for use outside Switzerland, we can also provide a legalisation (apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention). For more information on the procedure for the legalisation of documents, please consult the relevant articles on the federal government’s website, which you can access here.


If this is not the service you were looking for, discover all the other services provided by Traduxia or contact us for more information!