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For the banking, legal and financial field, Traduxia works with an intentionally small team made up of professional graduate translators with at least 15 years of experience and a specialisation in the field.

Foreign language skills alone are not enough to translate financial documentation, specialist knowledge of the subject is indispensable. Knowledge of the Swiss regulatory framework and Swiss financial centre, with all its peculiarities, as well as the global financial market, is a crucial requirement for our team.

High-level linguistic training, together with lifelong learning in a specific sector, are therefore the characteristics shared by all members of the team, which ensure that an excellent product from the point of view of style and content is delivered. This is our guarantee of quality.

Traduxia’s 3 strong points in the legal and financial field:

  1. The competence and reliability of an in-house resource combined with the flexibility and professional independence of an external partner
  2. Focus on the Swiss financial centre and its specific features within a global context
  3. Continuous training and updating on current issues that influence regulatory and policy trends.


Types of text

More specifically, Traduxia is specialised in this field and offers services of translation and revision of:

Banking sector

  • Periodicals for investors
  • Economic and financial market analyses
  • Releases and memoranda for internal and external use
  • Marketing documents for banking products
  • Material for training courses

Financial sector

  • Prospectuses
  • Articles of association and regulations of funds/SICAVs
  • Announcements to stockholders
  • Annual and six-monthly reports

Insurance sector

  • Presentations of protection insurance products
  • Contracts concerning products


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