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With regard to interpreting services, Traduxia relies on a pool of professional interpreters (mother tongue interpreters with the appropriate qualifications, not just translators). These interpreters are based in different geographical areas, allowing us to have greater national and international reach, and are often specialised in specific areas.

Identifying the right intermediary capable of communicating between two parties who do not speak the same language is not always easy. Only a professional agency with proper experience is able to successfully manage this type of mediation.

Our main concern will be finding the right interpreters for your conference, workshop or seminar. The main languages (but not only) for which we offer interpreting services are the following:

  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • German (and Swiss German)

In addition to the language combination, we look for an interpreter who is not too “distant” from the event to be mediated: either in terms of competence in the field concerned, or in a purely geographical sense, so as to limit travel costs.

We then gather all the necessary details and information, such as the programme, possible lecturers, timetables, specific requests, etc. We transmit all the texts or documentation to the interpreter so that he or she can prepare as well as possible and, finally, we provide the interpreter with the appropriate facilities.



In addition to the time actually spent on the interpretation service on the day of the event, the fee usually also includes: the selection of the appropriate interpreter, the preparation before the event and the research relating to the subject matter and the specific terminology.

Travel costs, for meals and possible overnight accommodation during the event are at the expense of the customer. Reimbursement can be made on a flat-rate basis or on presentation of receipts.


Rates for consecutive interpreting: approx. CHF 650.- per half-day / 250.- per hour



If this is not the service you were looking for, discover all the other services provided by Traduxia or contact us for more information!