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In the technical field, the accuracy in describing the parts and functions of components and systems has become essential.

Processes, technologies and accessories are employed or implemented in several areas, ranging from hotel chains to petrochemical fields and including solar, naval, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

A well-structured and well-translated technical data sheet and a catalogue that clearly illustrates the fields of application of components or the major features of a system are of great help to the end customer during both the design and assembly stages.

Traduxia focuses on all links in the chain, from OEMs, to designers, control and automation companies, system integrators and main contractors to end customers, convinced that avoiding linguistic misunderstandings brings added value to each of these categories.


Types of text

More specifically, Traduxia is specialised in this field and offers services of translation and revision of:

  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Product presentations
  • Data sheets and manuals
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters to customers or for special websites
  • Articles published in specialised magazines


Over the years, Traduxia developed extensive experience in the technical field. We constantly work with national and international brands, particularly in the automotive and luxury goods sectors, including, for example, prestigious watches and chronographs.



Our most technical specialisations include aeraulics, civil/industrial field, air conditioning and ATEX.

Both civil and industrial aeraulic applications – including plants and manufacturing of components for air conditioning and/or processes – has been undergoing major expansion and modernisation for approximately a decade and its trend does not show signs of slowing down. This is partly due to the European and non-European legislations, which aims at making this field more and more strategic as to safety and well-being of places and people.


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