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Medical and scientific, pharmaceutical and biotechnological field: we carry out translations of a scientific nature at various levels and in various areas of knowledge, ranging from popular science to numerous specialist areas.

This very vast sector embraces disciplines such as medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, biology and psychology, each of which requires scientific rigor and accuracy of terminology. These elements are fundamental as even the tiniest error may have very unpleasant consequences.

Translating a medical document is therefore a delicate and complex operation; for this reason Traduxia employs qualified staff who have a great understanding of the techniques of translation and its rules. In addition, our translators work alongside experts in the medical sector and mother-tongue professionals, thereby ensuring that confidentiality and professional secrecy obligations are strictly adhered to.


Types of text

More specifically, Traduxia is specialised in this field and offers services of translation and revision of:


Medical sector:

  • Medical records and results
  • Medical websites
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Medical reports
  • Popular medicine texts and medical articles
  • Training material for medical staff
  • Documents concerning medical and diagnostic technology

Within the scientific and medical field, translations of documents concerning health care, nutrition and health, nursing management and many other topics are also carried out.


Biotechnology sector:

  • Chemical analyses
  • Medical device instruction manuals
  • Technical manuals and documentation


Pharmaceutical sector:

  • Patents
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Advertising material for pharmaceutical products
  • Leaflets and handbooks


Translations of scientific articles and publications for the scientific macro-sector are also carried out (intended in general terms, where this does not coincide with one of the other sectors mentioned above).


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