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In addition to the traditional language courses, Traduxia also provides intensive and business courses conceived to improve the communication skills required in the professional world.

Courses are mainly organized for the following sectors:

Business courses

With mother-tongue teacher, to make requests in the respective foreign language, send email, organize meetings, negotiate, solicit payments, deal with customers and suppliers, learn different communication styles (formal / informal), and so on.

Courses for company employees

Telephone & Email Language with mother-tongue teacher, To be able to manage telephone or email conversations with partners and customers in the respective foreign language: learning to use expressions and keywords by phone, “phone etiquette“, managing relationships, strategies to succeed in business calls.

Conversation sessions

Courses with mother-tongue teacher, for people who desire to refine their language skills but already have grammatical basic knowledges.


Intensive courses available for people who need a fast language learning (travel abroad, business start-up with foreign countries, etc.).


If this is not the service you were looking for, discover all the other services provided by Traduxia or contact us for more information!